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Jekyll, my cat.
Jekyll was put to sleep at 11 am on Thursday morning. He miaowed on th way up to the vets as usual, but was perfectly calm once he got there. One of the vets two dogs laid herself down beside his pet carrier and went to sleep. Jekyll was used to them, he never minded dogs as long as they didn't jump up at him. It was other cats he hated, except for Yogi.

Jekyll was found in a shop doorway about twelve-fourteen years ago. At the time I found him he was unresponsive, very passive. I brought him home, and my then cat, Yogi accepted him straight away. Jekyll actually hid himself in my flat so well for a few days that I actually thought he had somehow slipped out. In fact he had hidden himself away, as he was quite ill. When he recovered, he proved to be totally feral. For over a month he lived in my flat as a complete alien. Hiding from me all the time, sneaking out to raid the rubbish, and crap in the sink. He apparently could not understand that some of the food I was putting down was meant for him.

I eventually caught him hiding behind a curtain, and he hissed and spat at me. I stroked him anyway, and he decided he liked it. For a while he would run at me, rub himself against my leg, then run away before I could strolke him. In time, he'd stay to be petted. By the time of his death, I could carry him in my arms on his back, and he'd just purr.

He liked my cat Yogi, but apart from him he loathed all other cats with real venom. When I got Norman the rabbit, he surprised me by taking Norman for his friend, after scaring me silly by trying to stalk him. Yogi died with liver problems, and poor Norman died of pneumonia. When I acquired Jessie Bunny, Jekyll became her big brother, and showed towards her a remarkable patience and affection.

He wasn't much good as a hunter, and the only animal trophy he ever brought to me was a slug. I took the slug off of him and threw it out the window. He promptly jumped out after it, picked it up again, and put it on my bed. He also once bought home asnack-sized packet of cheese.

He suffered a few bumps and scrapes. Got a spiral fracture in his back leg and required an external fixeter. It took me five years to pay off the bills for that! Then he had cat flu. He fell into other people's basement areas twice. This last year he developed a thyroid problem, and then a heart problem. Then his kidneys packed up.

Jekyll had a special liking for marmite, soya cheese and mayonnaise. He wasn't a cat for toys, and loved the great outdoors, and climbing trees. He bit the neighbours and bit the vets, and was loving towards his "family".

I haven't cried much. But sometimes I think I hear his bell, and sometimes I think I hear him miaow. I'm told this is normal.

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Aw, so sorry to hear about your cat, he sounded like a real sweetie! As a lifetime animal lover, I know how hard it is when you have to put them to sleep. Even if it relieves their pain, it still hurts.

As someone who has lost a lot of beloved pets over the years, I deeply sympathise with your loss. And he sounded like a real character. I find that often the pets that dragged you through hell and back are the ones that stay with you in fond memory the clearest. Hardship ties the strongest bonds.

May he rest in peace.

This blog is bookmarked! I really love the stuff you have put here.

Thanks for posting, I like this blog!

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