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All Behind
And I am not referring to my figure.

I'm all behind on my Mandarin. As last Monday London was brought to a standstill by a heavy snowstorm, I didn't go in for my Mandarin lesson. I promised myself I would compensate by studying very hard. Then I barely studied at all.

I doubt very much that there was a class last week, so maybe I won't be behind all the others, but I am disappointed in myself. Must try harder.

Today I intended to edit the canto of The Faerie Queene that I recorded yesterday, but instead I played video games, listened to music and pissed about on the internet - very enjoyably I must add. Oh well, Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.

I went to have coffee with friends in Islington, then got some shopping from Holland and Barratt, and bought some bog rolls from a market stall. I also bought a second-hand copy of Atelier Iris 2.

My copy of Disgaea 2 is now knackered and won't load. My bad, I should have put it straight back into its wallet. But now both Disgaea and Disgaea 2 are knackered. I may take them to a game shop I know and get them shaved, in the hopes that they will be rendered playable once more.

I'm also bummed out because I can't find my copy of "Dog Soldiers" which I wanted to watch. So I am watching "Silent Hill" again. Brilliant movie!

Last night I watched "Wicked Little Things", which is a movie about child zombies. It was surprisingly bland and dull, though there was some lovely scenery, and some deliciously atmospheric moonlit scenes. Also Ben Cross was in it, and didn't overact!


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