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Wet Wednesday

It's England, it's winter, it's raining. It has a Depressingl inevitability about it.

I feel unwell, tired and grotty, and my throat's lymph nodes are up. I made a Dr's appointment, to get the results of my blood tests; and a dentist's appointment. I also went into town to see friends, grabbing a kebab on the way out; and stopping off to buy some make-up along the way. A Goth without black nail varnish is plain sad. So I bought some, and feel happier; I also bought some blackcurrant lipliner and lipstick. I saw my friends, and among them was Marcellina, whom I have not seen for months. I wish I had more energy. 

Home again, and I recorded a chapter of Gray's Anatomy, but mis-read the abbreviation "m" as "medial" not the most obvious "Muscularis". Fortunately there was someone on Librivox who steered me right. Because you see, I temporarily forgot how to Google. I am faced with the fact that my intellect is a second-rate one; but at least I have a use for it.

Now to watch "The Runaway Jury", my favourite trial movie, though I put "Witness For The Prosecution" in second place. If "Witness For The Prosecution" had stayed true to the Agatha Christie short story, "WFTP" would be in first place.


I just finished reading this one today. It features my favourite Cardassian, Garak; who actually gets to go to Earth, and finds it rather beautiful, if a little too bright. There is a main plot, Sisko and Garak visit Earth and Garak is blackmailed into doing something he is very good at. There is also a sub-plot, in which Odo and Bashir attempt to thwart a Latium-robbery. I am afraid I skimmed the sub-plot a bit, as the main plot was so gripping. That turned out to be a mistake, so if I read it again, I'll pay attention to the sub-plot as well.

It is well-written, and the characters seem spot-on to me. The best bits I found were the ones which described Garak's exposure to Earth politics, and what he makes of them. 

Writer's Block: Robotic
Who (or what) is your favorite fictional robot?

Friday, Money Day.


Every second Friday is money day for me. I woke up, got dressed, played about on the internet, played Star Ocean 3, and managed to cut my hand on a hidden blade from my blender, which I chucked in with a bag of old nail-varnish and forgot about. So I went out of the house in full Glamorous Gothic regalia, with blue plasters on my hand.

I saw friends in town, and got to witness two of the crowd start a row with each other. Bummer. Apart from that it was fine, and my friend Helenka and I are talking about going off to "do" a gallery sometime. 

Money was taken out of the post office, and money spent on paying bills or debt instalments. I could afford to give the vet £60 instead of the usual £40. I'm being especially good, because the bunny's claws will soon need trimming. 

I went around various shops that sold DVD's, both new and second hand, looking for Seasons 5-7 of Star Trek, Deep Space Nine. Could only find Season 1. However, I did get to buy some other DVD's, taking advantage of the Zavvi sale, and of a cheap offer at mmy favourite second hand DVD shop.

I bought the following movies -

The Dark Hour.
The Others. (2 disc set)
The Changeling.
Double Vision.
Repo - The Genetic Opera.
They Wait.
Steel Trap.
Klondike Annie (with Mae West)

and a boxed set of Season One of Supernatural, for the bargain price of £15.

That'll keep me busy for a while.

Today I finished listening to "The House of Mirth" by Edith Wharton, one of my favourite books. I may add an essay of sorts on here later, or I may not. See how I feel.

I finished editing a Canto of The Faerie Queene. Now to play more Star Ocean 3, though I'm heading for a terribly dull "story" section of the game. 

Writer's Block: Five-Finger Discount
Have you ever stolen something and gotten away with it? Did you feel guilty about it later?
I have a criminal conviction for shoplifting. So no, I didn't exactly get away with it.

Having a criminal record for shoplifting did not help me get work; but it didn't harm my job prospects nearly as much as my degree did. I only once got turned down for a job on the grounds of my criminal record, but I got turned down because of my degree more than 100 times. 


Also, because of my arrest, I got probation. And my probation officer got me off the streets. Indeed, she helped me turn my life around. 

So actually, getting arrested for shoplifting was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It just didn't feel like it at the time.


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