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Jeffrey Combs - the new Vincent Price?
Ever since I first saw him as the coldly diabolical Dr Herbert West in Stuart Gordon's "Reanimator" I have been haunted by this first-rate actor.

He has starred in quite a few horror movies since then, though mostly he has guest starred to be precise. Almost always taking a minor role to the juvenile leads, who have far less charisma and presence than himself. From "The Frighteners", where he turned in an unforgettable performance as quirky FBI agent Milton Dammers, to "The House on Haunted Hill" and it's sequels where, as Dr Vannacutt, he has stolen the movie away from everybody else.

Jeffrey Combs, who also has appeared in Star Trek DS9 and Enterprise" has been called by many "the new Vincent Price".

Now I love Vincent Price, and will watch him in anything. But Vincent is Vincent, and Jeffrey is Jeffrey. Both unique, neither can substitute for the other.


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